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i like the tails and i know jordon likes them as well. There something different becuse around here all you see is the same thing. I want to be different. Mite do the red out on it tho not sure. Droping my car on roadmagnet springs.

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yeah i dont like the stock ones, the full red out is just too much red, i like the 70/30's but then the 30 part just looks out of place because its the only clear part, so i dunno, none of them i REALLY like.


i like these from the back view like this, but not from the side as much


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That is a durn nice coat of red paint on there.


Tell us how the road magnet springs are when you do it.


I still think 70/30s look good on red cars. I'd deffo take them over altezzas. Clear housing tail lights just aren't for me.

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What the rear bumper sorry charlie already got it just waiting for tax money to come in so i can put my kit on full kaminari kit. :) plus thats the only bodykit i really like for the del sol. its so sick. Damn the only thing with this photoshoot it was wicked cold and the models didnt come out that we called to model for the cars lol. now that would of been a nice pix cuz both girls are hot as hell. :)

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Of course I love it, I will make it the background on my pc and my psp since the size is more wide then tall.


I wish mine was that clean but mine is black and sorta dirty, needs a car wash.


Is that that the stock wing as well?


For some reason that sol really appeals to me and the rims i getting look somewhat like yours...they are enkei evo6's, what kind are yours? and what size tires do you have? 205/40/17 maybe?


sorry for all the quesions i am just curious and the tire questions are helping me out so when i buy the tires and rims.

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