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Civic Plans


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Alright give me ur opinions. Although this car is going to be what i've nickname "Nicer Ricer".




Alright First can't decide on these. 100 dollars difference too.







Next i can't decide to go with the JDM front bumper and side skirts or go with this.






Then i'm going back to oem inside. Either paint the car with a semi gloss black or high gloss and get my rims powder coated black.

With a oem carbon fiber hood with carbonfiber eyelids. Flip Flop the trunk. Performance i'm want to build a na d16z6. I'll add more later.

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Get smoked OEM style headlamps and smoked amber corners rather than those headlights dude. You'll thank yourself for it when you're driving at nighttime and the light is actually a little more than 15 yards in front of you.


As for the kit .. I couldn't make myself get one.

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hey i like halos myself i have even had them for my car but i want you to know that the original headlights just make your life at night better. what i mean is that hooking up halos does not spread your light evenly on the ground like original oem headlights. in my situation i had halos hooked up and a few weeks later i had HIDs installed and yea ... it looked cool from the outside but inside i got to tell yea the light does not spread evenly. like if i could do it again i wouldn't and i installed everything myself too saving money. the next thing is that for a body kit check out this site: http://www.grounddynamics.com/merchant/mainpage.htm



here you can mix and match parts to your liking and perhaps even save yourself some money.


if you want to see the work with the halos and without the halos on my car then check out this site on cardomin.com:




on the first page at the bottom you can see the halos hitting the wall its star shaped


...im not dogging you im just giving you my input

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Yea, thanks for the info guys, and if i get halos i wanted to get a hid conversion later on. So, what color black would you guys say for a civic? if ya got links to buy the paint and color charts would be great, cuz all i get from google is touch up paint. Far as body kits i'm kinda fond of the passwordjdm sedan front bumper with the fog lights.

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