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fs- nikkor fisheye 10.5mm lens


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asking $400. this lens goes anywhere from 700 to 830 brand new. works with nikon dslr's and maybe other nikon film cameras.


shots of the actual lens, i have the original box and paperwork that comes with it.





heres some shots ive taken with it.








you get the idea.

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I've been trying to buy this for two weeks now. You obviously can't find the time to respond to my messages, so I can only assume that you'd act in the same way with shipping once you've been paid.



yeah, you know me so well, f*cking noob. ask anyone here that ive sold to, no problems at all. and i pm'd you back apologizing for the delay. f*ck off, dude.

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didn't get a cam for christmas, so I am no help... bump anyway.


this lens takes some of the most beautiful 3/4 shots from a couple feet off of the rear bumper

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