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this is not a suggestion but more of a question..


Why? I am curious.


and the only suggestion i have is ebay, or maybe hmotorsonline.com might have it, they sell some parts here and there.



Well my ecu is messed up, what it does is it maintains a check light on and it doesn' t send fuel to the engine, sometimes if i leave the switch open for a very long time it will turn the check off and the car starts.


Since it comes with the Euro version it is harder to find

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all i can say is good luck and hopefully you will find it, i will search around and i happen to come across one before you and will be sure to notify you. I can say i tried by giving you some advice but that is all i can really give you.


Good luck! :thumbsup:

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The funny thing is I have the French version of the Del SOL and I live in the Caribbean, how the car got here I have no idea I bought it from the original owner with who I lost contact,


Another question, are there any aftermarket ECU Brands that might replace mine?


Thanks to everyone who replied i apprecciate your help

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