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swapping out 1.8 LS non vtec auomatic to G-SR 5 speed

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Whats up guys my name is James im new to this forum I have a few questions about a engine swap I have a 1995 Acura Integra 1.8L LS non vtec (automatic tranny) I want to swap it out for a 1995-1997 G-SR VTEC and switch from an auto to a manual tranny now i'll be doing all the work myself so i need as much advice as I can possibly get, and here are the questions:



  1. Should everything basically mock up to the new engine i just have the G-SR head?
  2. Do I need to get motor mounts for the new engine during the swap?
  3. How hard and how long does it usually take to convert a auto to a manual with a auto tranny setup in the car ( if i have all the nessecary holes drilled and pedal kit)?
  4. Is there anything else I might need for the engine swap?

Any and all comments, advice and tech tips will be gladly appreciated!!!! :D


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I'm assuming that you have a donor car for this of the same generation, or else this will be a major headache tracking down individual parts.


It will be a lot of work.


Someone on here just recently swapped from auto to manual in his teg and it was a lot of work. Search around for threads made by 90IntegraC1.


The engine swap should be fairly straightforward as engine swaps go, especially if you have a complete donor car.


Good luck.

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