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So many choices


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Today I was discussing with my friends and we all have different ideas for my little del sol s or "go-kart" as they call it. I will tell you what they say and what they drive cause normally what people drive will sometimes tell you about there personality or just some random info. All depends how you look at it.


1. One guy says get a b18 since they are so great and he can get me one cheap like $750 and he also down talks a k20 says they break easy. (he drives a intergra)


2. Another one says get the h22 for all the torque that is in it. (does not have a car)


3. My honda buddy says get the k20 swap which will be worth almost double any other swap cause it is really fast. (drives a civic hatch si)


4. Another says get a b16 cause that would fit in right at home with the car since the v-tec model is a b16. (drives a volkswagen turbo golf)


5. Another friend says don't bother with a swap, just get a faster car (drives a pontiac bonnevile supercharged and he not too bright.)


Now I need you guys to help me out and would like to hear your input on what to get? I just wanna know if any of these are good investments....btw I love how the k20 is so fast but i hate it cause it is expensive!


Thanks Alot

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it really depends on your budget man. if you have the cash, id say go for the k20. but since you do have a sweet hookup for the b18 that would be your best bet i think, depending on what b18 it is

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B16 swaps are the budget swaps nowadays, besides non-VTEC B series swaps.


I'd deffo go K if you have the money and time and know-how to do the work.


Or buy a Bonneville. Those things are wicked fast and deffo sexier than a 2-seater convertible.

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i mean money is not a issue it is going to be a dream swap no matter what engine it is, but i mean the b18 hook up is good but the k20 is new, still in production, and from what i seen alot faster.


and btw no bonnevile for me, I already had a 99 pontiac grand am with a 3.4 v6 which was fast but every pontiac has electrical problems. my friends car has that same problem right now.


so if i get the b18 cause of price would it be any way faster then a k20 after some basic mods like i/h/e?

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well today i drove a b18 intergra and also a 2006 civic si with the k20 and i love how quick the k20 was. but i agree with you, a turbo setup would cost the same as just the k20 but looking at it the k20, again from what i have seen, can boost at alot higher psi then a b18.

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i wouldnt boost "a lot higher psi" on either motor if it had stock internals... if you build the motor and get a good tune, either motor will hold a decent ammount of bost, the b18 will just be cheaper to build up and boost on. And if you do it right, the b18 will have plently of power.

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