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Sterrin wheel vibrates

96 Civic

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I have a 1996 honda Civic. I notice that when I drive between 75-80 mph my stering wheel vibrates. I replaced the tires but the problems was still there. balance the tires about 5 times and the vibration still there, I had a local tire shop check my hardware and everything according to them is fine, later they found 2 defected wheels, which I have replaced all with new ones. but the problems still seems to be there. any advice?

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did you check the tie rods?? lowerball joints?? I had a similar problem occur with a 96 Camry, and it turned out to be the lower ball joints...You couldnt tell they were bad when mounted to the car and like put a hand at 12 oclock and 6 o clock and try to move the wheel. But soon as I disassembled them off the control armm, I could pop them in and out easily!...At normal speeds like 20-50 mph there was no shaking, soon as you hit the highway the shaking appeared!....just an idea!.....

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