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Hiding Dynamat

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I hate the subs making me sound like i got cans in the back of my car. So, I'm thinking of ordering the trunk kit of dynamat and some extra. Most of it can be hid by the carpet, and my hardwood floor, but the top of the trunk lid is what i wanna know how to hide. I've search and no one covers the topic of hidin the mat. Any pics, ideas, links, or comments is appreciated.

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I wouldn't go with Dyanamat unless its Dyanamat Extreme. Look for it on eBay, much cheaper. I personally use Second Skin (www.secondskinaudio.com). The owner, Anthony, is a really nice guy and will help you and tell you exactly what you need. Another alternative is Raammat, which i heard is pretty good. I dont know if your vehicle has this, but check the link below. I had big time rattling on my lid and taking out the metal piece did wonders. I also have only 1 layer of Second Skin Damplifier, so it isn't all that much, but it does make a huge difference. When you have an 18" sub in an accord trunk off 1,500w, it's creating quite a bit of pressure and doesn't sound nearly as bad as you may think.


(Check post #44 on this site) http://www.caraudiojunkyard.com/forum/encl...-baffles-5.html


Also, if you look where the trunk latch is, there are two bolts. If you unscrew those and drop the latch down (it will be hardly anything, like a couple mm) the trunk will hold down tighter. Only thing is, there will be a slight gap visible from the quarter panels and the trunk wont look completely flush and even with the panels. Also, you will have to close the trunk a little harder than normal, but this does help alot as well.


I will also suggest not doing just the trunk lid, but the rear deck and the entire trunk itself. I had that done, but when someone rear ended me, my frame was pushed in a couple inches and the center rear piece had to be replaced...really sucked for me because i lost all that deadener :(

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