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May be lookin' into another Civic.


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'93 SI. Re-painted Nighthawk Black Pearl..


Here's the rundown ladies and gents.. Just want a little input, I'll probably end up getting it as a beater.


INT - JDM rear seats, ITR front seats, carpet swapped to black, black dash, black interior. Everything else is normal. Sunroof/Powerlocks/Powerwindows.


EXT - NHBP, Rota GT3 in Red, Mugen front lip.


Engine - DOHC ZC on boost, A'PEXI N1 catback..retains a/c, p/s..Everything is fully functional.


Suspension - TEIN SuperStreet Damper System, Beaks swaybar, omni rear LCA's.


All for 3K. I've driven it..I'll be allowed to borrow it for a few days to ensure that it runs fine ..


Aside from that, body is sound with no rust. No unusual rattles, and the a/c is colder than all hell. Anything else I should look at? Sunroof is a given..I'll check for leakage.

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Got it today.


Fun little car to drive, not much along the lines of speed but for a beater .. it should suffice.


Dude is taking his Rota's and knocking off a chunk of change. I'm gonna' give him 2500 bucks and a flip-up in-dash touchscreen TV I had on my old truck for it.


Bank has approved a small loan for it so.. I should be taking possession of it here shortly.

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frackin noice. Though I thought you were going for the teggie.


Turns out I am now.


To anyone who's been keeping tabs on this, the seller flaked today. I guess what he was trying to get fell through.


I'm now lookin' at a '94 Integra LS. Has some crapty rims and a crapty exhaust on it but the body is sound and the motor is supposed to be in good shape.


They're only wanting 2,200 for it and I'm probably gonna' have to make a commute to get it so we'll see if anything can be knocked off of it.

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