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So, i was thinking of upgrading my stopping power. I was looking at 11" rotors and a set of at least 4 pistons up front, on a 95' SE. I was wondering thus: ill definately by the rotors online, but slotted, cross drilled or both? And as far as calipers, i cant find a set for the h23/SE bb4, and was wondering if it a kit for the h22/Si or the GSR or any other Acura/Honda sports would do well. Ive heard that GSR calipers fit right on the prelude ones, and the same for the Massive 4 pistons on the TL. Shoulod i just get a set of those off a junked one? Please advise, but remember that i dont have alot of funds. I want the most for my money. Also, should i get a 17 or 18 inch wheel set to accomidate the upgrades?

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if you get both cross drilled and slotted, they will help braking and cooling, but they will also eat through your pads quicker, so keep that in mind. if youre going to be doing auto-x or something get both cross dilled and slotted. ive heard getting them drilled makes them prone to cracking, but ive had mine for several years now and have had no problems. not sure about the caliper thing though, but 18s are way too big. getting a bigger wheel will decrease your acceleration and worsen your breaking because there is a heavier mass, which is more spread out

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