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HID lights on an 08 Accord


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....newbie here. I recently purchased a new accord, and the first thing I noticed was that light range on this car lacks quite a bit. I want to go with HID, preferrably 8000k. I've talked to a few garage owners around my area (detroit) and not only will only one garage do it, but the man wants nearly $550 for the product and service. I really couldn't tell ya if I'm being ripped off.


Anyway, I'm thinking of ordering the product myself based on popular advice, and just paying him for the labor. But, I know nothing about socket type, OEM, xclamps, etc. The only thing I do know is that these use less wattage, therefore won't melt the case, right? And that there's a bit of trouble getting it to work on a case design for halogen lights?


Lead me in the right direction. Thank you in advance.

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bro in my opinion go get some for like 80 on ebay and install them yourself its not that hard and it will beat any $200 HID out there cuz the most that could happen it that it goes out a little quicker than those supposedly high cuality ones but in the end two of these will only buy u one pair. i bought my HID's both for 145 including shipping and the light output is just as good as those my friend bought for 200.(i got involved in an accident by the front car was declared total loss and a pair of 8k that i had bought were still working simply took them off and into my moms accord they went seeing as how my civic has a different bulb size. www.sylvania.com you will be able to determine bulb size there

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