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My Night Of Fun.:(

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I was riding down the highway, after puttin my exhaust on. Then i heard a pop at 75mph, and what u know, the brand new tire blowed out. Wtf i got two bald tires and that one popped. Now, I'm stuck with needing all new tires, because these hick mechanics don't offer warranty with one new tire. I don't know if the rim is hurt or not. If it is guess i'll go down to some 16's and quit ridin on 17's with 205 40 17.

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The Exhaust sounds quit at idle, but ya press the gas its a mix of the fart can , and a deep tone. I don't like it but it will have to work until i replace tires. Its a custom build though. Got a magmaflow street muffler, 2 inch pipe, magmaflow cat, no resonator, and header.

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yea, my friend has 215 40 17's and if he takes a curb to fast it scrubs in the rear. I took my tire and rim to the garage and its bent but he says he can fix it. I got a deal from the ford dealer he said he will sell me four brand new tires for 226 dollars not sure of the brand though. The only bad thing its not install fee.

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