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Here's Some Pictures Of My Buddy's Sol.


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low 12's, high 11's on Slicks. Supposedly. It is fast though. Surprisingly for being all stock internals. He's been through like 3 radiators though.

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There is no way that car runs 12's.


B20 + boost = boom.


I've seen sleeved B20's are having issues now a days.


It is nice an all, but get a damn paint job on it. I guess I'm just a perfectionist.




I'm not alone in my thoughts. =o

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i highly doubt it. is it even tuned?


i think it looks fugly with that intercooler popping out like that, tell him to paint that black or something. i dont know why, but it makes like the bumper is a piece of skin just laying over the intercooler.

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dude! dumb! who trys 2 run 12s on stock internals and expect the engine to last!? Seriously!? let me know when he blows the motor so i can laugh!



Such enthusiasm toward one's motor blowing.

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1. He's about to build it.

2. It Is Tuned.

3. Stop Bitchin'. :)

4. Have a Nice day.


COME GEN FO CHINEE FOO, I TAE YO ORDA BUH PLEE HOL. <--- Stole the last two words from Ben.

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