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Steering Wheel wobble ?


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I posted this question a while ago but all the solutions didn't solve the problem.


Problem: My steering wheel jerks as I drive. If I am going very slow (<5 mph), the jerk happens at a certain point of the wheel turning. As I go faster (10-20 mph) the jerk gets faster. But when I am driving fast (40+ mph) there steering wheel is vibrating a bit but not to effect driving.


Fixes tried: I have rotated and balance my tires. Didn't fix the problem


Is it the rack and pin? I have replaced the right CV joint recently and the left one was replaced 5 years ago.


Appreciate the feedback.

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Check and make sure all the hardware is tight, control arm mounts, ball joint crown nuts, all of it. If it still happens, check to make sure you're ball joints haven't let go. If thats good, then wheel bearings, then wheels. Make sure they are straight.

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