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motor swapping help


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i have a 1989 honda crx si that i have stripped out and plan on using for a dirt track car. it has the original a6 motor in it with 250k miles. for some reason the hondas out at the track dont seem to hold together. the bottom end anyways. i have a feeling im going to have to replace the engine at some point next season. i have a chance to buy a Z6 out of a 1994 civic ex for pretty cheap. i have been reading a couple of forums and each article says different things. i need to know excatly what i need to make this swap happen. i could prob get the ecu out of the civic. what else do i need to make the motor run proper?? trhank you very much!

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probably not allowed dohc in that class , im guessing. youl need a conversion harness and ecu. youl also have to reuse your crx tranny , as the newer ones are hydro and will not work for you. youl need some wiring changes for sure. your best bet would be to have an OBD1 harness on hand for differences.

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you see , the wiring for the engine in 92 and up civics is isolated from the rest of the wiring of the car. in your crx its not , lol. so you cant just change the harness in the car. but OBD0 and OBD1 are very similar really. so have an OBD1 engine harness on hand , cause some slips might be different. youl need to eliminate the resister box once you run an OBD1 ecu. you need to do some reading bud , lol.

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