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I was told by the dealer that this usually means the catalytic converter is bad. Is this true? How expensive to replace? Any options?


The code says the system efficiency is bad. I don't know if that tranlates into a bad converter. Have you ever had the O2 sensors replaced? Cats can cost $1500. Take a look at this site (below) and see if these guys can help you. They are big into the OBDII system, what the codes mean and how better to trouble shoot.



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It's true, Cats will cost anywhere from 500-1800 from dealer, and no its not made of gold, if you must know...its made of platinum. otherwise, yes, there are those cheap universal cats that you can find at autozone or kragen, but goodluck with those.


about the P0420 code, its not the Cat, like the other guy said, the cat should last the life of the car, its forsure your O2 sensor...its very common for honda's, i've owned many honda's and fixed hundreds of hondas's.

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