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Half-pipe in a car


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that looks fake....


how is it possible to turn the car around in the air like that?



dude are u just plain dumb or something... he started to turn the car before he got to the top..and it didnt completely turn as u see in the video he almost lost it

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Yep, I'm dumb and don't understand how physics works....



lol well look at it this way if u start turning before u leave the ground the turn will continue do to the force already put into it, and what goes up must come down, lol plus he didnt make a complete turn in mid air and he almost completely lost it

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and that turn will continue to complete itself > 90* in the air like it did in the video?


I hardly think so.... I've seen a LOT of videos of people on the dunes pulling the same kinda stuff. Its impossible. The only way it works with bikes and stuff, is cause of the way you throw your weight. can you throw your weight in a car to make it spin? nope...


plus the only way that would work if it was a vertical slope at the top. every watch hill climbs with those buggies? those highly modified 4wd v'8s can barely make it up some of those hills that aren't even close to vertical.


its a fake.

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