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This will not really help you any... but I think there is a code you can take to your dealer and ask.. I dont know where on the engine it is.... or what code it is... Or call up your dealer and see if you can they can tell by your vin number..... I dont know maybe you might find luck in those two options... Good-luck! Victor





P.S. Sorry if those don't help.

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Look to see if you have a vtec solenoid. If you're not sure where it's located. Read the engine block code. Also, if your spark plugs should be in the front of the head and not in th rear. Besides, last time I checked, all Si models were vtec.

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Again, if you actually have the orgininal engine that came in your 93 Si then you have an SOHC VTEC.


Here's what a D15B7 looks like (SOHC non-VTEC that came in the S model):



And here's what a D16Z6 looks like (what you should have in your 93 Si):



Note the spark plugs are on the front of the D16Z6. Also, my 93 Si (pictured) came black already, while the other came unpainted.

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Every keyboard has one, even yours.


One of the previous posters had the most obvious and easy to see answers. Open the hood. Are the spark plugs coming out of the back of the valve cover or out of the front? back=non-vtec, front=vtec on those vintage d series motors.

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