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So I gave up working on my own car since it was going no where. Took it to the pros out here and tunning it. Cant wait should have it back I hope by monday. But I told them to take there time so they can do it right. Nice clean shop and people who know there sh!t. They had a 10 sec hatch so i know they know there sh!t. Im sure the bill will be about 300+ but fuk it I need my car for work. Cant have my girl dropping me off everyday and wondering if I will have a ride home. I will update this when I get the car back.Really happy about this :D hope it goes well.

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Yeah pretty much, ever since my new motor was put in I dont think it ran at its best. If it wasent one thing it was another. I got tired of having to pay someone for doing a half ass job or them doing it fine and something else fuking up later on. I think I need a new gasket on my tranny as well. I did try and do a few thing my self which I was able to do and be happy about it but other things still pissed me off. So I sent it away to be worked on the right way ... BY THE PROS ... So when I ge it back I wont have to worry and just injoy my ride and make it look nice.

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This is a convo with the shop. I should be able to pick up the car today. They called me yesterday saying I could pick it up. but that I had a check engine light from my tranny. I asked how long it would take to fix it and I was told 30 min. So I told them to just fix it cuz it takes me about 30 min to get there. I gota call back maybe 10-15min later and was told that I might not be able to pick it up something about the car having one (tranny) solenoid and the ecu is trying to read 2 of them. So there trying to get that sorted out. Here is the convo with me saying thanks in there forum.



Just wanted to say thanks for staying open till I dropped off my car. Thats customer service for ya. Nice clean shop and workers with great knowledge. Hope my CRX isn't giving you a headache. I had my share of it, Tylenol became candy to me lol. Cant wait to get my car back but take your time. Im recommending anyone here. I can tell you guys aren't the rip off type. But at the same time take pride in your work. See you guys Tuesday.


And another thing im not sure if you guys noticed the leak im getting near my tranny but it seams to be radiator fluid. Just a heads up.


Thanks again Jerrod and the team at Hondoctors



Thanks a lot. We'll get everything sorted out, and it will be running strong this week.



Nice!.. A few questions

Did I rewire it wrong?

What was wrong with the car in general?

How do you think about my Basic(starter) setup?

How much can I do to that motor?

Is it worth it?




The wiring needs to be all cleaned up. The fuel injectors are low impedance, and the OBD1 ecu you have is meant for high impedance, and like we talked about there was no resistor box in place. I'm worried that you may have burned up the injector drivers in the ecu. We're going to install some OBD2 injectors and solder in the new connectors for them. Fix the rest of the DPFI to MPFI wiring, and test the injector circuit with your ecu and see. We'll also try a test ecu we have.


The basic setup is fine. I like D-series motors because they have decent torque. A mildly built D-series VTEC can make a lot of power turbo... The only problem is, you'll go through transmissions if you're making more than 350 whp...


So all in all there doing a great job. From what I was told, when I was there. The injectors had to be switched out from OBD1 to OBD2 So I got a injector upgrade along with new and better spark plugs. And a total rewiring of the car. Also that my header had a leak around where the header and catback connect that it would be best to upgrade my header which im getting next week. Im holding off on the looks of the car and put the focus under the hood. But not much left to work on.I hope they call later on tonight so I got something to do on the weekend.:thumbsup:

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