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getting a system started

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i currently already own a panasonic head unit and 4 eclipse speakers in my Honda Del Sol, with the windows up and the top on i get really nice sound it is crisp and sounds great but its still lacking loudness...when open everything up its almost impossible to hear the music...i am wondering what you would recommend to get the loudness up...thanks


oh and in case it helps i mostly listen to rap and rock so bass is important as well

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well personally dont get a box that takes up your whole trunk and look tachy me im workin on a fiberglass sub box for the trunk nice and clean post pic soon. it wont personally take up the whole trunk it will fit in one side it for 1 one 1500watt alpine type r going to be hooked up to a kicker 1200watt amp.it shall hammer enough for my taste. my buddy is doing a blow though on his sol cut the frame the back window cant roll down but o well its all for sound comps.

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so what type of amp would i need assuming i want to connect it to all four speakers? i get confused when it comes to mono, dual OHM and all that stuff. My speakers have an RMS power of 50 watts

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get a 4 channel amp for mids/tweets


It will usually say 250.4; 350.4; 400.4; 500.4; etc.


A mono amp or dual is for subs. Those are the big boys.....can be 1000.1; 1500.1; 2000.1


Haven't seen many above 1000 except at shows. Mine was 1000.1 for 2-12" Kicker L7's and that was PLENTY!


[EDIT]Tallhammer88, there isn't a 1200 Kicker, maybe 1250SX?[/EDIT]





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Having the top down changes a hole lot. Think of your vehicle as an enclosure for a speaker. If you take that concept and remove one side from a subwoofer enclosure, it will sound very different. You will need some good speakers and some good amps. You don't need a piss load of power, just something that is efficient. When you have the top up and windows up it will sound not as loud as top up and windows down since sound waves have somewhere to escape.

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