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Short Throw Shifter


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Hi brand new to the forum.


I am looking to install a short throw shifter into my Del Sol. I was wondering what does this take? I am not very mechanical and trying to teach myself so looking for easy projects right now.


Basically what tools do i need and does this involve messing around with the underside of the car?



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I just did this on my del sol. I have the B&M straight short throw shifter that reduces shift distances by 45%. Stiffens up the shifter nicely, and for only 50 bucks. One note is that the stock sol shifter has a bend in it, so if you want it so sit like stock, then get the more expensive (I believe about $130) 55% bent short shifter from them. I don't have any problems with my straight one but it does affect the way the shifter sits, which is off-putting at first.


First off, the best retailer for this is dstuning.com. Get the shifter and new shifter bushings from there. Best prices, service, and shipping.


B&M gives you directions that are pretty easy to follow for the install. I did mine without help in an evening, and I would say I have intermediate car knowledge. It should be a doable task for a beginner if you follow the directions and take your time. All you need is a socket wrench with 10mm and 12mm and two normal wrenches in those sizes, as I recall. And a jack and some stands, as you need to get under the car for this.


Two notes:

1) When installing the bushings you'll prolly need to press them into place with a vise. It took me a lot of frustrating tries before I tried that and presto!

2) When retightening everything, make sure you tighten everything really well, specifically the screws that hold the metal plate covering the dust boot (you'll see what I'm talking about when you do it). If you don't they'll rattle and then you have to get back under, take stuff apart, and retighten them and it's a pain. I had to deal with this so learn from my mistakes!

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