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Dont mean to be rude but im still waiting for the answer... I want to order them asap! What i meant about the second time thats cuz i blew some crap up! I dont want to do that.. Gaskets and crap like that i dont care about.... its the costly items i dont want to deal with... What internal do i need (should) i replace becides pistons? I was told valves... i was told to get the ones with sodium inside them cuz they put up with heat better... I dont know tho... thanks

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For the manifold... will i need a special one to fit since I have a b18b1? Or will it be fine? For higher psi do i need better pistons? I hear that i need to lower compresion.... how is that done? I lookin to make some extreme power! Plus I know a kid with a pontiac sunfire that runs 11's and I want to be able to waste him! LOL

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Ya I know.... but he didnt spend a dime! His dad owns Hann (think thats how its spelt) turbos! So the turbo he got was free... All the work done to his car is a write off for his dad for advertising and promotion.... So...... Its the ugliest thing I have ever seen too. http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?...imageID=1187565




I want to push around 15-20 psi...... exactly how fast will that be with a B18B1? What will I need to have to be able to handle that heavy hp?

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Okay if you want to push that much boost, you're gonna need the following:


Get the block sleeved i.e. Darton, Eagle

Eagle H-beam rods

9.5:1 CP pistons i.e. Arias

ACL bearings

ARP rods and bolts foe everything in that motor


Valve springs


IM and TB


And thats just the motor, not the tranny or axles or parts for the turbo.

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Well... due to my funds I have been tossing a few things around... I think Im going to take some of your word about running 8psi. I can run all day on 8psi as a dailiy driver and not harm anything? Will my B18B1 handle the 8 psi from home to school (5hrs) once a week and not harm anything? Then I can upgrade internals when the time is right and then just upgrade turbos.....right? at 8psi am i able to "jump" on it? Well of course I can! But i mean without blowing anything! LOL

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8psi with a with a decent tune will make some nice numbers for a DD. it would also allow you to upgrade everything when the time is right and you have the money to do so.

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