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Upgraded from CRX to Del Sol


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My dad loaned me his 90 CRX to save on gas in the warm weather instead of driving my Blazer around at 15mpg. My little brother signed up for the Army and he said I can drive his Del Sol around if I want, as he will be on base and won't need it. Sweet. I'll take good care of it.


Car is from NM, another one of my dad's eBay deals. No rust, clearcoat is lifting due to sun damage on hood. Otherwise tip, top and 125K miles. Has a set of Acura 14" wheels on it with two spare Honda wheels.


It's a 1995, pretty sure the S model, as it doesn't have PS, cruise, or PL. PS would be nice but isn't too bad unless you are at parking lot turn around speeds.


Pretty sure the speakers are stock, as they suck worse than a quarter whore. Might have to upgrade the Sony Xplod head unit and get some decent speakers in there. Figure I can fix it up as "rent" from my little bro. Chances are he will want to buy a new car when he gets out of the Army, so he might sell me this for real cheap.


Got two front shocks that will be installed next spring.


Any quirks I should know about with this car? What are common problems? Performance parts for the 102HP engine easy to find or am I looking at a swap down the road?

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nice man, del sols are fun. well performance parts are pretty easy to get, but you really wont get much out of them. if youre really looking to get hp, a swap is probably your best idea. some common problems are roof squeaks/leaks, but i think that was fixed in the later models so you might not have that problem. also the material on the curved part of the door panel sometimes lifts up, not really that big of a deal but it happens. also if your timing belt hasnt been changed you should do that.

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sounds like u gotta good deal there then! only regular problems I know of is the roof leaks, maybe moisture in the boot from water in the bit that the rear window goes down, also maybe from the panels that run down from the roof to the boot, other than that their cracking cars! should have a lot of fun with it anyway. good to know that the belts have all been done and its all in good condition anyway. if your looking for more power just get an engine swap, but never know, might be fast enough for you as it is for a few months until you're looking for more power.

cant beat a free car off your bro!

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