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haha, i love e-drama

Rick B.

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so yeah, some random c*nt was talking crap to one of my friends through aim. so i went and messaged that person and this is what the conversation was like. (im rickybo18 btw)


rickybo18 (9:45:29 PM): hey c*nt, leave her the f*ck alone

konichiwa yu fgt (9:45:52 PM): HEY BITCH

konichiwa yu fgt (9:45:53 PM): GTFO

rickybo18 (9:46:01 PM): what you gonna do you little punk ass. you gonna internet fight me

rickybo18 (9:46:04 PM): what a f*g

rickybo18 (9:46:28 PM): have nothing better to do than pick on people

konichiwa yu fgt (9:46:39 PM): NOT GANA

rickybo18 (9:46:41 PM): youre a pathetic little bitch

rickybo18 (9:46:51 PM): why dont you talk crap to someone's face

rickybo18 (9:47:02 PM): instead of hiding behind a screen

konichiwa yu fgt (9:47:15 PM): COME UP TO ME YOU COCKSUCKING ######

rickybo18 (9:47:12 PM): does it make you feel big and bad?

rickybo18 (9:47:19 PM): that you can talk crap over a keyboard

rickybo18 (9:47:23 PM): ok mr tough guy

rickybo18 (9:47:27 PM): lets meet face to face

konichiwa yu fgt (9:47:53 PM): kk

konichiwa yu fgt (9:48:00 PM): my name starts with an f

rickybo18 (9:47:55 PM): where you wanna meet

konichiwa yu fgt (9:48:04 PM): you know me well

rickybo18 (9:48:02 PM): im sure i do

rickybo18 (9:48:09 PM): youre just a little bitch hiding in their room

rickybo18 (9:48:13 PM): talkin crap over a screen

konichiwa yu fgt (9:48:42 PM): BITCH

konichiwa yu fgt (9:48:50 PM): I CAN TAKE YOU OUT

rickybo18 (9:48:45 PM): haha

rickybo18 (9:48:47 PM): bullcrap

rickybo18 (9:48:57 PM): bring it on

rickybo18 (9:49:00 PM): you want my address?

konichiwa yu fgt (9:49:10 PM): HAHA WHATCHU WEIGHT 389 POUNDS?

konichiwa yu fgt (9:49:13 PM): YEA!

rickybo18 (9:49:28 PM): i live off of toopal rd in oceanside.

rickybo18 (9:49:41 PM): let me know when youre comin and ill meet you outside

konichiwa yu fgt (9:49:51 PM): what a bitch street

rickybo18 (9:49:50 PM): haha

konichiwa yu fgt (9:49:59 PM): ill be outside in an hour

rickybo18 (9:49:57 PM): a bitch street, lol

rickybo18 (9:50:00 PM): youre such a poser

rickybo18 (9:50:05 PM): you wish you were all badass

konichiwa yu fgt (9:50:22 PM): tell your lil whore of a gf to be preparing your funeral

rickybo18 (9:50:21 PM): if youre not here in an hour, then youre just a whiney little poser bitch

rickybo18 (9:50:26 PM): dude, you dont scare me

konichiwa yu fgt (9:50:40 PM): I WILL f*cking BE THERE BITCH

konichiwa yu fgt (9:50:41 PM): DONT TRY ME

rickybo18 (9:50:38 PM): im trying you bitch

rickybo18 (9:50:42 PM): im calling out your bluff

rickybo18 (9:50:44 PM): youre a f*g

konichiwa yu fgt (9:50:52 PM): AN HOUR

konichiwa yu fgt (9:50:53 PM): OUTSIDE

rickybo18 (9:50:49 PM): ill be there

rickybo18 (9:50:50 PM): bring it

rickybo18 (9:50:56 PM): but i know you wont show up

konichiwa yu fgt (9:51:04 PM): GTFOUTSIDE COCKSUCKER

rickybo18 (9:50:58 PM): cuz youre all talk

rickybo18 (9:51:02 PM): all talk

konichiwa yu fgt (9:51:10 PM): ORLY?

rickybo18 (9:51:03 PM): hahaha

rickybo18 (9:51:05 PM): yeah

rickybo18 (9:51:07 PM): youre all talk

rickybo18 (9:51:11 PM): you dont have the frackin bals

konichiwa yu fgt (9:51:23 PM): I WILL BEAT THE crap OUT OF YOU

rickybo18 (9:51:16 PM): cuz youre a scared little bitch

konichiwa yu fgt (9:51:25 PM): YOU'RE RIGHT

konichiwa yu fgt (9:51:27 PM): IMA GIRL

konichiwa yu fgt (9:51:31 PM): I HAVE NO BALLS

rickybo18 (9:51:32 PM): youre still a scared little bitch

rickybo18 (9:51:36 PM): who hides behind a screen

rickybo18 (9:52:05 PM): im wearing jeans and a green shirt

rickybo18 (9:52:08 PM): i hope you show up

rickybo18 (9:52:14 PM): brign your friends if you have to

rickybo18 (9:52:17 PM): i dont give a f*ck

konichiwa yu fgt (9:52:31 PM): lol idc what items of faggotry you are where

konichiwa yu fgt (9:52:33 PM): wearing

rickybo18 (9:52:44 PM): im just making sure you stop at the right house so i can put your bitch ass in its place

rickybo18 (9:52:51 PM): and teach you some respect

konichiwa yu fgt (9:53:35 PM): lol teach me respect?

konichiwa yu fgt (9:53:37 PM): FAGGG

rickybo18 (9:53:37 PM): hahaha

rickybo18 (9:53:41 PM): is that all you can come up with

rickybo18 (9:53:43 PM): youre boring me

rickybo18 (9:53:50 PM): get offline and come say it to my face

konichiwa yu fgt (9:53:58 PM): be outside in an hour

konichiwa yu fgt (9:54:07 PM): I AM A f*cking BOUT TO

konichiwa yu fgt (9:54:10 PM): GTFOUTSID

konichiwa yu fgt (9:54:11 PM): E

rickybo18 (9:54:04 PM): im still waiting

rickybo18 (9:54:14 PM): you little punk bitch

konichiwa yu fgt (9:54:54 PM): lol its been like 5 mins

konichiwa yu fgt (9:54:56 PM): not an hour

rickybo18 (9:55:05 PM): well hurry your little ass up then

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dude. my score is like 550 right now. and thats after it went up. i helped some friends out by letting them move into my apartment a year and a half ago, they got me evicted by throwing a party. then i was homeless and living in my car for 2 months and ran up my credit cards.


then the whole incident with my motor being jacked and my car impounded and the bank deciding not to repo it and suing me for the cost of the car. trust me, its not pretty. :sad:

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