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Testing out my new camera phone

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Got some stuffage I took with my new camera phone. Here's the most recent pictures of my sol and some shots of the various vehicles owned by my friends.


My New Car:


(J/K LOL!)


My Sol:






(Just parked next to another sol)







(Taken this week)


My Friend's 1st gen Teg:









Same Dude's Scooter:





Same Dude's n600 He's Building:








(A turbo'd motorcycle engine will go here)


Other Guy's 280Z:


(This one not taken with my phone but it's a sweet ride)


Other Guy's Suzuki:




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I let a buddy of mine borrow my stockies for his DA. Looks pretty good, his car is slamed lol. Every little bump in the road his exhaust scrapes. I'd hate to look at the undercarage of that car. He's gonna give em back but They're scuffed. He didn't scuff them, but that's besides the point. Should I use body filler for the scratches? Then sand it and repaint them?

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I don't know too much about fixing scrapes in wheels, but my thoughts would be that you'd have to melt some metal into the scrapes and then sand and repaint to have it last. Body filler would prolly loosen up and fall out eventually, but you can try.


Ask Billy. He does things with rims.


And, yeah, those are VXs on the N600. Everything on that car weighs like next to nothing. I'll make a seperate build thread for that sometime soon when I can get all my buddy's high-res pics, cuz it's a sweet machine.

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ts john, looks good damn u got low miles i got almost 4x that lol im sittin at 152 in the d series lookn at swapm motor when i hit 200k either b16 or b18. yah when we goin to meet up me u and repsol and whoever is close to us

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