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LS turbo stock internals.


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20 pounds will blow that LS like no one's business.


On factory internals you should shoot for 6/10 psi..10 would be with a GOOD tune.. Tuning is crucial when boosting on a stock setup..


With that you can be looking anywhere from 240 to 300+..350 tops.

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How many miles are on the motor ? The ONLY way you will hit 300 with any turbo 'kit' inless your planning on paying full race a visit is if you find a b16/b18c1 or even a c5 head, drill dowell pin holes in it, stick that mofo on there, wire up vtec and find a p72 or p28 or even a p06 and have a good tuner. ls vtec will make a substantial amount of power over just an ls motor especially when boost is fed to it. But if your going to have the head off you minus well take off the pan and knock out the pistons and throw in some cp/je/weisco pistons with some manely or crower rods :D the only thing you will have to worry about then is cracking a sleeve.

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i do know you can throw 20psi on a ls and it will hold, for how long, beats me, but it has been done. the guys that tuned my car, one has a dc2 teggy dyno tuned 357hp/324tq @ 19 psi. though that is on E85, but still considered pump and still on stock internals, pretty impressive if you ask me. he has since that dyno bumped it up to 21psi on the track, street driven he runs 15psi


see cornbredtuning.com for dynosheet very good tuners for the price if any of you need tuning in the mid indiana area

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