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How to replace brake light bulb 98 Civic


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Sorry this ia a simple question or atleast should be. I have a brake light out and need to replace the bulb. For some reason I can't ge the bulb out of the unit. It seems like there should be an easy way to do this but I can't figure out how. I get it out of the light casing by turning it and pulling out but then how to I get the actual bulb out so I can put the new one in. I know I am missing something simple. It a 98 Civiv sedan.


Thanks in advance

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Let me state that I have tried all the obvious things. It will not come out.


So I am an idiot. I figured out it was just in the slot really tight. I had to a pair of pliers to get the buld pulled straight out. I checked the other light and it came out alot easier.

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