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I'm getting impatient...


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...in half an hour i'll be off to Charleston, SC for the weekend! I can't wait! I really need a holiday to get away from everything that's happened this past week (lots of drama and hassle after a family tragedy). So tonight we're hitting up Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. for dinner then headed out for the local Ghost Walk before heading back to our hotel to freshen up and spend the rest of the night out partying. Tomorrow we're sightseeing at Fort Sumter, the harbor and if it's still around, whatever the name of the USS ship that's docked there (im inclined to say its the maryland). For dinner we're heading out to Grill 225 where my fiancee did his internship while at Johnson and Wales studying culinary arts, then again out partying after and heading home on sunday. eep! I'm so excited. I can't wait! We'll be leaving whenever he gets back from buying a new digicam- we decided mine's too bulky to take around everywhere with us so we're getting a Sony Cyber-shot 8.1MP instead. There will be LOTS of photos! lol.


*does a little dance of excitement*

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i guess my post just wasn't interesting enough for a response. pfft! lol.

anyway, here's some photos from the trip!




the view from our balcony



drunk at club habana




Lunch at Bubba Gump's Shrimp Company



drinks before dinner at Penninsula Grill




The new bridge, & USS Yorktown








exhibits at the Aquarium




our favourite houses on the Battery




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well, you said you were leaving ASAP. no reason to post when you wouldn't be around to read it anyway.


looks like a fun trip. charleston was a very nice place to visit when i was there. the areas we were at were very clean. and the weather is damn near perfect.

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How did he get that lucky...


Damn, I wish I had a hot g/f.

it wasn't easy for him... it took him nearly a year to persuade me to go on a date with him! lol. but honestly, its all in the personality. :wub:


the goldish turtle swimming looks like he's flapping super fast
that turtle was HUUUUUUUGE! probably one of the largest ive ever seen. it's a new camera and i'm still trying to figure out the settings on it- obviously i had the wrong setting but it's still a pretty awesome picture imo.
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