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Engine Overhaul Probs.

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Well i have a 91 hatch with a stock D15B2, just replaces the rings and bearings and got it running. It idles fine(sometimes) and has a NASTY hole when you try to take off in grea. I have been messing with the timing and have go close but still got that lag and a hesitation, but after 1500rpm its ok. and i keep getting a CHECK ENGINE light but everything is hooked up (i think), im gonna take it to my shop class and use our scan tool to see whats going on.


Is there anything that i might be ,missing, or any advise.


P.S. This is my FIRST!!! honda rebuild.




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i bet you have the 2 round connectors on the intake manifold on the wrong sensors. have seen it many times , they both look the same and reach both places on these gens. get the codes. count the flashes of the LED in the passenger footwell , pull carpet back.

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