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F23 VTEC 01' accord ex issue


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01' accord ex-F23 Auto. What would cause the green/yellow wire that powers the vtec solenoid to have 3.5volts at idle in park. I'm not sure, but I don't believe the vtec is working. Car runs fine until after 4500 rpm. feels weak and will barely pull enough rpm's to shift gears to the floor. Tried new fuel pump, fuel filter, and distributor. no change. Isn't the ecu suppused to send 12volts through this wire at vtec engagement rpm? :help:

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vtec isn't engaged at idle, so it shouldn't be getting full power. If you can't go over 4500 rpm's, then you don't have enough oil in the engine. If there isn't enough oil getting to the SOHC, then vtec can't engage. Add oil, or better yet, change it and save yourself a big headache.

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