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This is the car i'm getting in the spring...


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2002 Mazda Protege5



-the right price


-wagon (i love wagons)

-awesome mpg

-pretty IMO

-nicer interior than a civic (not including '07's)

-5-lug, more wheel options










-15% tint



-camber kit

-17" ASA AR1








depending on the color of the car...i like electric blue, red, silver, black, and yellow


What do you think?


Hate it?

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actually theyre not bad. a while ago me and my friend test drove a mazda speed protege and it was actually pretty quick. now his brother just got a brand new mazda speed 3 which is a wagon but its actually pretty damn nice

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It'll be 5-spd...I'm glad you guys approve, i think it's a nice little ride to get me through college...


Unforutunately these can be had for $6,500-$8,000 and the Altima's/Speed3's are up in the 20K range which I can't afford..

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