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Few questions on B18b


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This 97 civic has a B18b motor swap in it. The lady said the body has like 76,000 on it and the motor (b18b) has 36,000 on it. Question #1: Can that swap have that low of miles on it? If so how come? Could it have been built?

Question #2: Is the car worth $5,400? (Im thinking yeah) BUt i dont wanna get screwed and i wanna good car.

Question #3: Just outta curiosity, does anyone know about the average gas mileage one of these motors get? I would like to know.

The ladys posting said 35 HWY mpg, and 28 City mpg.

Question #4: About how much hp do you think this motor can produce stock. Far as i know it doesnt have any mods done to it. If so i will list them. I have a pic but i dont know how get it on here.


Anyway, some general info about this would help me out. I appreciate it

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#1 yes. the swap is out of a 94-01 LS/GS integra, so ask what year integra it is out of for it to be legit.....

#2 i would say it most likely is worth that much (post pics though)

#3 the gas mileage she said is pretty much accurate

#4 i think the B18B has 142 hp and 127tq all to the flywheel though with 9.2 compression


hope that helps

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