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Little issue axle and wheel hub assembley

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its not on a honda but seeing if any one had a special trick to dealing with rusted to hell stuff lol, so ya usally with a puller the axle will pop out of the assembley first but it will not budge out of the assebley at all, i broke the assembley loose from the housing but still have the axle stuck in it, ive tried heating, getting my cutting torch tonight to heat it red hot and try it, but right now i have the getto rigged puller on there using the impact to turn it, but the axle hasnt even moved a mm out, and ideas?




sorry about mis spellin little tired

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lol ya its a crapty imbread talon lol, ya i told him that he needs to get a new axle but that still doesnt solve the problem, have to get the axle out of the wheel hub asembley still to replace the axle and the wheel hub lol, if the axle wont come out after i try the heating im just gunna use that damn cutting torch to cut the axle apart lol, but hopefully i wont have to go that far, brand new tank of oxygen and asedline(spelled wrong lol)

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