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a little help with a crx


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allright so im currently buing a crx from a kid i know for 600 dollars. the only thing thats wrong with it is the fenders are cracked and the motor dosent run witch dosent make any diffrence to me. so what i need to know is will a b-16 fit in the car and is there any aftermarket support for it. i realize its a crx but ive seen some people say theres no support for the first gen. so basically i just need some ideas. let me know if you have any

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any b16/b18 will fit perfectly with the proper mount kit. you can get hard to find parts here, i looked up your fenders.




i really appreicate all of the help. im coming from the nissan community so ive never really had the chance to build a honda but im getting tired of the sentra so i figured that id look for a honda... do you think it would be worth it for that year and if so were can i get a good b16 for a good price? and im not wanting any body kits or anything just maybe a good lowering and possibley a lip but thats all so i what do you think

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