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main relay shortage?


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Hi, i have a 95 integra LS, and i've been having quite a few problems lately with it. When i drive it on the freeway to school in the morning, it was fine, and after waiting about 15 minutes since class was canceled, i went back into my car and started fine, after i drove about a mile away from my school, it died out. i try to start it up and it wouldn't start. i waited for about 45 minutes and it fired up and a few miles away from my breakdown, it died again. and i waited an hr or 2 and it started fine again but i changed the fuel pump and fuel filter, thinking it would be that but after changing those components i still experience the same problem. For instance, when i would drive on th freeway the fuel would cut off but the engine would be on so i would have to pull to the side and crank it up. but someone told me it could be the main relay if you have to wait an hr or so for it to fire up and i got another main relay and it did it again on the freeway, couldn't gas the car but the engine would be on until i did a complete stop to the side then the car dies, so i switched the main relay that i got with my old one really quick to see if it would fire up and it did, so i'm thinking it could be a main relay shortage? i'm not really sure, but i was wondering if you guys could clarify in better detail my issue.


sorry if this is long, its just i've been trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with it. and i pretty much did almost everything.


oh yea and another thing, what is ignition output signal, i was getting that when i diagonis my car. thanks, and appreciate your time and help

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