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my past and current cars

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to make it fair, heres your chance for you and everyone else to state their opinions. go ahead, flame on.












just a few but not all, ill get more pictures up later.

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Yes, very nice. But you don't have to do this for that idiot.


Do it for us!


We need to see some of the older stuff. I've seen these a few times. Us newer guys haven't seen what you were driving prior to the ctr knockoff

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Awesome cars, but you didn't post the sexiest one.....ITR on Work Emotions. Mmmmm. and some pics of the recaro baby seat to show how baller you truly are.





my ej6 as it sits to this day. picked up some white jdm itr's



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im not much for hatchbacks..

but yours are pretty sick :p

so sick in fact. that they gave you a spot in the no parking zone.

JUST be-effing-cause hahaha


maybe i'll have this many one day.





p.s hahaah i have a carseat in my car too for my brother :p

rockk itttt

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:) The ITR was so sexy, It's a shame what happened to it. f*ck THOSE BITCHES. But you still have sexy cars regardless. Even if you had a Valiant, you could make it look nicey. :D That Recaro Baby Seat is baller...
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best set of cars ive ever seen a girl own, good on ya for having a decent taste in cars!! all pretty dam nice looking, especially the ITR with the work emotion wheels, looks awesome! any plans for them?

i sold the first itr, regreted it and bought another. then that one got stolen, so im left with my white and black ej6's and one eh2. the eh2 is getting prepped for a complete color change and k swap. for now i drive the white ej6. id go on with the mods but im too lazy.

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you make that delsol kid look like a joke xD

poor kid.

probably didn't know what hit him


i know, huh? this guys talking sh*t to me and he doesnt even know what i have. his car might be ricier than mine but ill own his ass on a track, then he'll find out his tribal flames dont do sh*t.

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i might be selling the black one, no engine though. i threw a rod, apperently the d15b vtecs dont like to be revved to 8k, lol.



it doesnt matter if it has an engine or not. i just want an ej6 extremely badly. i have huge plans for one if i can get my hands on one.:devil:


.... why where you revving it to 8 grand? its not a type-r ya know. lol

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