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The new chick!


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Hey all! I just got a new Si!  I am so proud! :love: I haven't even taken it off the lot yet, but am going later to get it! Yay!  Its obviously compleatly factory, and has nothing done to it.  Of course, the second I bought the car, my friends (mustang owners) started talking crap about it.  How in the world can I make my car fast enough to beat a 6 cyl. mustang?  I know barely anything about cars, so be kind!  I tried to upload a pic of it, but it wont let me. Oh well, its that nice greenish gold color, I dont remember what it is called.  Also, what are the specs on my car?

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hey welcome and congratulations on your new car, a great pick if you ask me.  Mustangs have more horses then the Si but if you drive it good enough I bet you could beat a v6 mustang if it were driven by someone that couldn't drive as well.  My sister has a 02 V6 stang and I don't like the way it drives, it red lines at real low rpms and for its HP it really doesn't pick up like I would expect.

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hey welcome to the site.

the cheapest and easiest ways to free up some more power are:

underdrive pulley, less restrictive intake (cold air intake), less restrictive exhaust (a cat back kit will help).


those are a few things you could do to get a little more hp and off the line performance.


when you're ready to spend more,

nitrous, turbo, intercooler, lower gear ratio, etc...


good luck and nice car :)

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