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Look what came in today!!!!

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Its my best friend's car, but I am watching/building it for him while he is in Iraq. I get to drive it too sometimes, after I fix it anyways.


Havent thought about putting an RB into it, but have thought about LS1 :drool:.


$1900 shipped for full swap (even though we didnt need the full swap).

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Hey!!! This is the first time I have seen my new engine. You suck you are going to get to drive with the new engine before me. The closest thing I get to driving the 240 out here is a M1114 HMMWV. Lol I probably change more halfshafts out here in a month than you ever have on your car... Wait a little bit before throwing that engine in. I am going to try to send more parts your way.


Glad you guys like the car.

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That 240 is nice as hell. Clean Ass Whip...

Thanks for the compliment, but I am not sure that "clean" is how I would describe the car. The thing is a beast, but it still needs a lot of work still; a better turbo (GT2871R .86 AR) and cams, an oil cooler, a new front bumber and a lip, a passenger seat to match the drivers, a new boost controller to replace the mbc, an alignment, a speedo that goes a lot higher than 110, and a way to keep the exhaust from roasting the P/S rear tire when the car spits flames (the 275/35/18s are expensive). I will have Daniel post more pics of the car as I send more parts his way. I really can't wait for the car to be completely paid off so I can start looking for a Honda S2000.

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