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1995 honda civic


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Well right now I have a 1995 honda civic. and i was wondering if my car would be competative if i make a couple upgrades. Here is what I plan on doing


new headers

spark plugs



those are pretty much the upgrades I can do right now but later on I plan on maybe geting a turbo kit and swap my engine for a vtec

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Why..would you go turbo, then switch to a "vtec" motor?


Save for a swap, period. Get the swap, perform the swap.


Later down the road boost it. You'll enjoy your newfound power enough, especially if you go with a b-series vtec engine.


Preferably anything along the lines of b18c/b18c1/b18c5 or any ls-vtec motor that was built well.

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thanx a lot for your feedback guys I really apreciate it but by the way what is the best way to buy these parts and install it ive been checking out ebay a lot and seems like they have some pretty good deals but would it be better to go to performance shops around my town

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ebay is good, but dont buy ebay brand parts, they are junk, thats why they are so cheap. as for install, if you have basic tools and some mechanical ability, you can do all of those. unless youre talking about a swap or turbo, those take some skill

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the bolt on parts are pretty straight forward. i think my intake came with instructions. but seriously dont waste your money buying bolt-ons for a slow motor that youre going to swap out or boost anyway. those parts you listed, to get decent ones will cost you about a grand and youll get maybe 10-15 hp

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