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newbieee Y(^-^)Y

yo noki!

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i guess i forgot to introduce myself :p


hi, i'm enoki



i drive/live in

my 99 Accord EX V6 = Lylah<333

(yes yes.. i named her) xD

erm... I'm 19.. viet/white mix.. i guess...


Word to the wise.. I love emoticons.. and they come second nature..


haha so most of my posts will have one or two.. for every sentence?

hope you guys are ok with that..


I wanna learn about cars.. but don't have time.. other than to maybe..

read forum stuffs.. and figure it out with my friends..

but they don't help much cause they've got money.

i.e benzes, bmws, lexus'es lol


any help would be greatly appreciated..

:D <3 see you around!



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this is a serious forum, no time for jokes. if youre that kind of person you should probably find someplace else































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silly del/sol peeples

yes, i will mod my car

with gogurt in one hand.. (being that i can't find real food.)

and a toothbrush in the other.. (withOUT toothpaste)

even though i'm lactose intolerant .-.

haha <3s thank you

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