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b18b1 to a h22


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I have a b18b1 in my car and want to go faster..... so I want to put in a h22...... Ive heard that it makes handling worse, and its heavier... weight on the front wheels is good..... right? handling down a drag strip... my only concern is how hard will it be to install..... and how the handling is for regular driving.... I didnt put in the b-series.... so I dont know exactly what to do.... That sounds bad even to me! Only one way to learn! its not my ONLY vehicle so it was gonna be parked any ways..... so that seems like the perfect time... plus i have a month off school! how much can I sell the b18b1 for? Will it fit in my friends 02 civc ex coupe with a d17a2? I think thats what it is.... And if you can go into detail with what i need to have prior to the install. Thanks Victor

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well i just got done puttin a h22 in my sol, and it was a bitch, i took it to a guy that didt really know what he was doing so that was my faut, but the wiring is a head ace, and i had to get everthing preety much new, fan, raditor, ecu, shift linkage, some places com with amost of that stuff but my harness was cut to peacies....linkage doesnt meet up right, throttle cabel , fuel line, so its up to u if u have time then go for it, but 5 grad and 2months later....fun fun times!

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