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I need an amp


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I have a DB Drive 15" sub with a 180 oz. triple stack magnet. I have a little RF 400watt amp TRYING to push it. What I need is at least a 1,000watt amp or bigger. Does any one have one for cheep?

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I dont have an amp personally to sell you, but here is a few suggestions










of course you have to take ohm load and configuration into consideration. I dont know the specifics on your sub. They make them in dual 2 and dual 4ohm vc

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if your buddy is running a true 3k watts to just one. . i seriously hope hes just burping that sub or keeps that volume knob turned wayyyyyyy down


I doubt its 3k rms. I'm pretty sure that's a max rating...amp probably puts out a lil under to 1k after efficiency, impedence, and quality are factored in. I don't see those db drives taking 1,000w rms eitiher. The way manufacturers rate things nowadays, there is no way to tell how honest the manufacturer is being without testing the equipment. And CEA certified equipment is still BS in my opinion...for example, amplifiers must be rated at 14.4V or below, nothing about efficiency, harmonic distortion, etc are involved. I have an Aura amp that would spank the crap out of a 2,000w Pyle amp, and my Aura is rated at a tad under 500w.

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