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Harnes Question?????


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Ok i have a 92 hatch back with a d15z1 engine and its 1.5 vtec slow as hell so iam planing on building me a nice ls/vtec turbo mottor but i dont know what type of harnes i need to get the b18b1 to work once its converted to vtec with the b16 vtec head or if i can use mine help me out pls.

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you need an OBD1 engine , and you need to use the harness thats already in your car , it will all plug right in like it was meant to be there. youl have to run a few wires through the firewall from the ecu , knock sensor(located on back of engine) , pressure switch power , vtec solenoid signal. they pin into A4(VTEC SOL) , D3(KS) , D6(PRESSURESWITCH). get a plug off another junk car , and OBD1 plug , pop sides open , using needle nose , simple pull them straight out , leave enough wire to splice into. once you have 3 pins , pop sides open , place one in A4 , D3 , D6. and wire them to where i told you. your in.

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