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Did I get hosed???


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I went to get another engine installed because of hydrolock. I have 00 EX.

I asked for the same engine 1.6L d16. They even put 1.6 on my invoices. When I

got my car back I have a d15b. I wanted the D16y8 just like I had in the car.

How close are these two as far as specs go? (From what I saw the site only gives the

specs for the USDM) and How do I tell if the new engine has vtec and is JDM as they

claim? Do I need a new ECU now that they have put this engine in. I am not happy at

this point. Check engine light is on and is giving






They could not fix the problem and yet still managed to give me a

unlimited mile 1 year warranty.


They were charging me for every little thing and when all was said and done

the cost was over $3000. And they wanted to charge more for the sensor issues

listed above.

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Most of the extra money was for parts such

as a new starter, a/c charge , timing belt

new motor mounts and reseal kit.


the longblock was $725 and the Labor $1070


but the point is I requested the 1.6 and got a 1.5.


Something has to be done here.

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You didn't get what you paid for, and what the invoice indicates so go ahead and fight it.


Check for the vtec solenoid. If you have one, it's vtec equipped. Whether it's wired up is another story.







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So I called the company that installed the engine....

And they wanted me to pay an additional $250 for the d16y8.

I said hell no. They delivered the car to me with the CEL on,

put the wrong engine in and they wanted me to pay. End result

they are puting the d16y8 in at no cost to me and I still get my

1 year warranty. They knew they were wrong and had to fix it.

I was ready to get a lawyer for this.


My engine comes in, in about 3 days. If anyone ever needs another engine for their car


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