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have a laugh on me


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so... chris (my fiancee) suggested i dye my hair a bolder red than it is naturally. i agreed. i was tired of the color i had in and decided yesterday would be a fine time to try this. i decided upon a color called "cardinal" not pure red, but definitely bright. I stripped my hair of it's previous color and went back to my natural color. then i dyed it. it turned out awful!! so i decided to strip it out again with plans of redying it something different today. stripping it made it even worse- my roots went orange and the rest of my hair stayed dark. so ive spent the day stripping it 3 more times to get an even orange color all over and i've redyed it a slightly darker shade of red than my original "cardinal". gah... be glad you aren't female!


before- dark brown, kind of chocolate color.



after stripping back down to my natural color.



after trying to strip out the red that went horribly wrong. (sorry they're such bad pix, it was 2am and im not wearing make up)



the second time i tried stripping it.. a little more even this time (again, no makeup. i know, im hideous)



and finally... all sorted out and perfect!


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omg im completely head over heels for you now....not that i like red heads but, red highlights or that color red in females hair is gorgeous..oh also my fav color is red lol as well haha
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aww i like the turnout :D

such is the process.... >.<

i just got my hair back to its originals.. almost all the color is completely gone..



i finally have the head of healthy hair i was meant to have...

but i LOVE the outcome though..


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My stylist did about 75% of my hair a shade like that a few months back, and about 2 days later it looked horrible. Hopefully yours holds up better.


I went from blonde to black a while back, and after a few years decided to go to a light brown. Took about 2 weeks of bleaching, and having to cut off most of my hair (had been to mid-back, cut to a little below chin) to get it to a decent shade.

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i figured there's no point in making a new thread for this one photo. i finally got my hair cut and i absolutely hate it. everyone else loves it but i feel like shooting the girl and firebombing the establishment for making me waste my money. anyway, whatchya think?


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