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So yeah, f*cking awesome


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I test drove an M3 today






There's not enough adjectives to describe how awesome this car is to drive. I had a cool as hell salesman maybe 2 years older than me, so I got to open it up plenty of times. He said he has an STi as his daily driver, and uses it AutoX. The SMG transmission is badass, literally a manual without the clutch. It rolls back and everything when you get going, have to park it in neutral with the handbrake too. You can shift sequential style on the center console, or with the paddles on the steering wheel. I like the paddles a lot, they're placed perfectly on the wheel. 0-60 in 4.8 seconds, what a f*cking adrenaline rush. It easily chirps second, even when shifting a little early. It's so easy to lose track of how fast you're going in this car, it's just so fun to open it up and hear that I6 scream to the 8,000 RPM redline.


Beats the living hell out of the C32 I drove a few months ago.

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i like the hard top M3's and the late 90's. i'd like to get my hands on a black on black '99 or a black on black '05. the only problem is a '99 from what i've seen goes for about $11500 or so and a new one is about $40k.

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