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Alternator issues


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Hello everyone,



This is my first posting so I hope I have enough details.. I have a 02 Accord that’s having some issues. Two months ago the Alternator went out and I was able to troubleshoot it thanks to this site. So now its happened again but this was a little different. I was entering the highway and as the car reached 3000 to 3500rpms the dash lights came on. All the same light as before, Battery, Check motor, door’s open and brake. I checked the battery and its at 12.58vdc(engine off) and 12.45vdc engine ON and dropped as time went on. By 10min. it was down to 11vdc.


Could this be just bad new alternator or something else? I just thought it was strange when the car revved up it happened.


The first time was not the same. One morning when I started the car all the lights were on.


Thanks to any help you can provide.

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Do you have a sound sytem in you're car? I have one and it kills my battery and puts strain on the alternator and after a while it will burn them out. Depending on how much power you're alternator puts out it could happen fast or slow. Thats just from my experience.

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