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92 SI hatch

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hmmm so when i bought my car it was already lowerd with coil overs...but didnt have a camber kit on it...i put a camber kit on it right away. buttt...everytime i go over a bump i hear a loud slam! kinda sounds like my stuts are gonna pop outta my hood! hahah so its safe to assume that the previous owner never changed the stuts? or will it do that no matter what stuts are in there?

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i just replaced the ball joints when i put in cv joints and the camber kit...they better not be ahhaha...and i did a quick peek early today and they didnt look all beat up...so i dont think thats it....any other ideas?? im kinda lost..and its pretty annoying

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you could try jacking the car up on one side, that way one side will compress and the other will stretch out. it will go slowly so you can try and look to see where the sound is coming from. that might help. just dont go too far so you dont have something popping through

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