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finally got some pics of my hatch... tell me what u think?


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at least you didnt go with a newb spoiler! dont like fenders/tailights but if you like the car then much love and respect for you ive seen alot worse yours not that bad,i like the engine , its what you like not what others like

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I'm with accord on it lookin a hair ricey bud... But having said that, it's your car. It's your taste, and no one elses opinion should matter my man... At least you completed it! Which is more than I can say for most of the rides around here! And from what I can see its a job well done! You should be very proud of what you've got... All in all these cars are about havin fun if I'm not mistaken... So as long as you've had fun doin all that then it was money and time very well spent! IMO

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-Goes into domestic assssshole mode.-




-Reverts to normal.-


O, hai. Your car, your money your taste and your decision. Lawl.

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No, I like it too.. I can see what AccordHeart is talking about.. but that's all in the process I guess.

Exterior I give a 7/10 .. which could also be due to the lighting.. lol


and Interior.. I know nothing about :D


oo!oo! i like the rims too. :p

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I can live with the kit, the front bumper is a little icon_ghey.gif though


Now the fenders...what were you thinking? Last I checked that car is supposed to have an H logo on the hood, not a propeller.


Engine, dime a dozen, nothing special there. Although the bay is nice and clean and well kept.

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