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b16 acting weird


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first problem -

so the b16 in my 92 civic is acting weird........... it changes its idel all the time.... one min it will run at 1 k rpm and the next it will be at 1600 and the next at 200 about to die.....its been doing this for about3 weeks now.........



second problem -

compared to a couple different b16 swaps in the same year that i ahve drove ...... it feels like mine does not have the same amount of power...... i mean i was just racing a 91 civic with a warn out single cam zc enigine and he can keep up with me and im shifting right at 8200....... i do oil changes every 3000 miles and run full synthic oil............



any suggestions guys?

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Replace your Idle Air Control valve, That will probably fix the idle problem. It's common on Hondas. As far as being slow, Your engine might just need a tune up. Are there any other problems? Like spitting, missing, running rich, lean, etc.

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Could be a fuel problem, or a spark problem. Check your plugs. It might be your fuel pump. I'm not sure. Not too much on repairs and things of that nature. Just going by prior knowledge/experience. You might try a fuel system cleaner, Or seafoam.

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definitely. sounds like it needs a tuneup badly. new plugs , wires , rotor button and dizzy cap. PCV valve. sounds like your timing belt might be getting slack worn if its got that little of balls. when was it done last? timing belt and valve adjustment and tuneup , it will work mint again.

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